Part Time Courses

Extra curricular part-time courses enable adults to explore their creativity and enjoy acquiring skills in a range from beginner's to advanced.

The part-time course in Jewellery provides a great opportunity to engage fully in the process while still being able to work at your own pace. The classes are always filled with fun and never short of inspiration!

- Darryl Scotsman part-time jewellery

Drawing for Beginners

                                                                                                                                                                   This short course will introduce the beginner to drawing. Each session will include quick, fun exercises and then a focused, longer drawing. The focus will be on cultivating skill and improving technique as well as exploring the possibilities in terms of materials and making work.
Lesson 1: The Formal Elements of Drawing   

Lesson 2: Tone & Shading                                                                                                                

Lesson3: Space                                                                                                                     

Lesson 4: Introduction to Linear Perspective                                                                           

Lesson 5: Media in Drawing                                                                                                   

Lesson 6: Texture & Mark-making                                                                                                  

Lesson 7: Anatomy & Proportion                                                                                                  

Lesson 8: Drawing & Memory                                                                                                       

LECTURER: TBA                                                            

COST: R1 380.00                                                                            

DURATION: 8 Lessons/ 24 Hours                                                    

TIME: Tuesday Evening 6:00pm - 09:00pm                                             

CLASS NO: 5 - 10


Beginner's Jewellery Design And Manufacture Course

This jewellery design and manufature course explores simple to complex jewellery manufacturing techniques and principles with a view to creating pieces of jewellery.Through excercies and projects students are taught sawing, piercing, filing, soldering, bending, sanding, polishing and stone setting. After the introduction to working with metal and the use of some of the tools and techniques, students are encouraged to bring their own designs or illustrations of jewellery pieces they would like to make. They will be assisted with analysing and manufacturing these pieces. The fee includes the use of the Schools facilities and tools, but not consumable materials. A starter tool kit is available from the Lecturer.  

LECTURER - Safia Salaam Monday & Tuesday Classes

COST: Monday morning's R750.00 (Course fee for consecutive courses: R714.00)

Tuesday evening's R810.00 (Course fee for consecutive courses: R768.00)

DURATION: 4 Lessons: 12 hours:


DATES 2017:       

Monday morning 

30th January - 20th February

27th February - 27th March (excl 20th March)

3rd April - 8th May 9 (excl 17th April & 1st May)  FULLY BOOKED

15th May - 5th June

 Tuesday Evening

31st January - 21st February

28th February - 28th March (excl 21st March)

11th April - 2nd May

9th May - 30th May

6th June - 27th June





Intensive 2 Month Jewellery Course

In order to create, we need to understand the materials that we are
using. This course is designed to develop students' understanding of
the potential that metal (silver, brass and copper) displays through
techniques such as forging, piercing, etching, soldering and more!
Each lesson will be focused around both theory and practical of
various techniques and/ or materials in order to keep the course as a
fundamental foundational journey of discovery. Students will have
class from 09.30 - 15.30 twice a week. During each session, students
are encouraged to create and manufacture a piece of jewellery using
the techniques they have learnt in class.

All consumables and materials are to be supplied by the students.
Please note that students are required to have basic metalsmith
skills, such as piercing, soldering, forging etc in order to do this
course. Please check out more information on our Beginner's Jewellery
Design and Manufacture course to acquire such skills.

 LECTURER:          Michelle Liao

DATES 2017:      8 February - 30 March

                           3 May - 22 June

                           12 July - 6 September

                           20 September - 9 November

TIME:                   9.30 - 3.30 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays

DURATION:         96 hours

COST:                   R4 800.00


Printmaking- Hardground Etching

The student will be taught a broad and intensive range of technical skills and create their own original limited edition prints from copper plates. Relevant notes will be provided and materials will be supplied. This is an intense workshop - from design to actual print production of an edition. The student will take home their original etchings.

Materials supplied:
1 brass plate, hard ground, spray-paint, rags, methylated spirits, turpentine, calcium carbonate, ammonia, ferric chloride, etching ink, Fabriano Rosapina Bianco paper, newsprint, Artline Koki, rollers and notes.

REQUIREMENTS: A5 Linear image as a source idea. Surgical rubber gloves and protective clothing, 1 x etching needle/protractor/large needle.

LECTURER: Eunice Geustyn

COST: R 990.00

DURATION: 3 Lessons/ 8.15 Hours

TIME: Tuesday evening 6:00pm - 08:45pm

DATES 2017:


Printmaking - Softground Etching

The student will be taught a broad and intensive range of technical skills and create their own original limited edition prints from copper plates. Relevant notes will be provided and materials will be supplied. This is an intense workshop - from design to actual print production of an edition. The student will take home their original etchings.

Materials supplied:
2 brass plates, soft ground, spray-paint, rags, methylated spirits, turpentine, ferric chloride, etching ink, Fabriano Rosapina Bianco paper, newsprint, Ravenol, rollers, brushes, tissue paper, HB pencil and notes.

REQUIREMENTS: A5 image with texture as a source idea. Surgical rubber gloves and protective clothing.

LECTURER: Eunice Geustyn

COST: R990.00

DURATION: 3 Lessons/ 8:15 Hours

TIME: Tuesday evening 6:00pm - 09:00pm

CLASS NO: 3 - 6

DATES 2017:


Intermediate Drawing Course

This project-based course is for anyone who has had some drawing experience and wishes to expand her or his drawing skills beyond the beginner stage. Basic knowledge of drawing techniques and media will be beneficial. Each lesson will start with a series of warm-up exercises leading into a longer drawing.   

The topics covered in this course are as follows:

Lesson 1: Negative Space                                                                 

Lesson 2: Mark-makind & Texture

Lesson 3:Tone                                                                                    

Lesson 4: The Figure - Part 1                                                                                                                

Lesson 5: The Figure - Part 2                                                            

Lesson  6: Forshortening                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lesson 7: Perspective Drawing and Interior Spaces                    

Lesson 8: An Introduction to Colour             

LECTURER: TBA                                                                                                                                            DURATION: 6 lessons, 18 hours                                                                                               

TIME: Tuesday Evening 6:00pm - 09:00pm             

CLASS NO: 6 - 15:                                                                                                                                                                             COST: R1 035.00 

DATES 2017:      








Foundation In Drawing And Painting



This exciting course explores Drawing and Painting. Students have the opportunity to develop and explore their painting and drawing skills from the absolute Beginner to those with some experience. Special emphasis is placed on developing personal imagery, in addition to working from still life to a live model. This is a new course and each module could be taken seperately, but if taken as a whole they will be cumilative.

REQUIREMENTS: Materials list is available from administration

LECTURER - Kami Brodie
COST - R1 875.00 per module

DURATION - 10 Lesson: 30 hours
TIME - Saturday Mornings 10:00am - 13:00pm
MODULE 1:  21th January - 1st April (excl 18th March)

In this module we will be drawing, with a focus on developing skills in the use of tone, texture and space.

We will explore perspective, as well as draw from objects, drapery and a live model. We will also explore the development of personal content and the use of symbols.

A list of materials is available from


MODULE 2: 22nd April - 24th June (excl 15th April)

In this module, the focus will be on drawing, exploring line, tone and drawing with colour. We will explore the styles of cubism and surrealism and also work with the human figure from photographs and a live model.

 A list of materials is available from

MODULE 3: 15th July - 16th September

 In this module we will focus on painting and explore colour. We will also explore portraits and abstract art

and the creation of mood and atmosphere. We will work with various styles in art. We will have a live model

for some of the classes.

A list of materials is available from

MODULE 4: 23rd September - 2nd December (excl 18th Nov)

We will explore mixed media and use the mediums of your choice (not Oil paint). We will make a series of works and focus on composition and the development of personal expression.

A list of materials is available from

 Each module builds up to a strong foundation.


Black and White Beginner's Film Photography course

Course Summary

This course will ensure that the student gets the foundation required to start using the darkroom. It will familiarize the student with the processes and methodologies that goes into black and white film photography work.

 Course Outcomes

Introduction to the Darkroom Space
This is an introduction to the space you will be interacting with, it covers what is required to have a functioning darkroom.

Film Camera Operation
This will teach students the difference between film and digital cameras, the shift from digital to film cameras will be nurtured in this course. Students need to have a working knowledge of how a camera works in order to attend this course. Prior knowledge of aperture, ISO, shutter speed and light meters are essential.

Film Development
This will cover all the steps required for developing black and white film. Areas that are covered include, wet processing, trouble shooting and push and pull processing.

Here we will look at how we can produce a photograph using the film that the student develops during the course. It includes wet processing, contrast control, dodging and burning, contact printing and printing larger images.

Method and Practise
Good workflow is important while doing darkroom work. This outcome will cover things like film storage and documenting enlarging settings.

This will serve as an introduction to altering the prints that have been developed.

 Equipment Needed

Please make sure that you come prepared with all materials for each session. A toolbox is a handy way of keeping all materials together and organized. Please make sure to keep your guide notes with you when attending class.

Materials can be sourced at:

Photographic- Orms Photo Warehouse (Roeland Street, Gardens)

                          - Tothills Pharmacy (Lower Burg Street, City Center)

 Art Materials- Deckle Edge (Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock)

 Black & White film (3 rolls, 36 exposure)
Kentmere and Ilford HP5 ASA 400

Ilford RC Paper; 21x13cm Glass; 21x26cm Glass

Insulation tape (black); Scissors; Black card; Sketch Book; Ruler; Craft Knife; Tupperware (Large enough for prints); Stationary; Masking tape

Course Schedule

Day 1: Introduction 

  • Darkroom Walkabout
  • Test Strip Demo
  • Enlarger Anatomy intro
  • Wet processing intro
  • Photograms

Day 2: Camera Theory

  • Differences between digital and film cameras.
  • How to use a film camera light meter.
  • General Camera Theory

Day 3: Film Processing

  • Film process theory and application
  • Practise: Storing film

Day 4: Enlarging

  • Using enlargers to produce images
  • Wet Processing

Day 5: Printing Day

  • Time allocated to printing

Day 6:  Enlarging continued

  • Contrast Control
  • Larger Prints

Day 7: Dodging and Burning

  • Printing

Day 8: Push and Pull Processing

  • Film developing and Printing


COST - R1 440.00
DURATION - 6 Lesson: 18 Hours
TIME - Tuesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
DATES 2017:


Digital Photography Beginners & Advanced Courses

Basic Digital Photography

The Basic Digital Photography course is an interactive and engaging exploration of the fundamentals of digital photography. This course is for those who wish to learn more about digital photography and their camera in a creative and encouraging environment.

 Course Outline: The course is structured around two areas; area one is technical camera theory and area two is conceptual practical shooting. Technical theory is put to practice with a weekly brief.

Focus Area 1- Technical Camera Theory:

ISO, aperture, shutterspeed, white balance, file formats, lenses etc.

Focus Area 2- Conceptual Practical Shooting:

Landscape Photography and Portraiture Photography

Materials Needed: Digital Camera (compact or DSLR welcome)

LECTURER: Wandiswa Mesatywa

COST: R1 200.00

DURATION: 4 Lesson: 12 hours

TIME:Tuesday evening



7th February - 28th February

7th March - 28th March (excl 21st March)

4th April - 25th April

2nd May - 23rd May

Advanced Digital Photography

The Advanced Digital Photography course is an intensive and investigative exploration of challenging techniques and ideas of digital photography. This course is aimed at students who have a basic knowledge of digital photography and the basic technical aspects of digital cameras.

 Course Outline: The course is structured around three focus areas; area one is technical camera theory, area two is conceptual practical shooting and area three focuses on Photoshop.

Focus Area 1 - Technical Camera Theory:

Auto Exposure Bracketing, focusing methods, sensors, lenses, RAW/NEF etc

Focus Area 2 - Conceptual Practical Shooting:

Contemporary Landscapes, Architecture and Nudes

Focus Area 3 - Basic Image Editing:

Exposure and colour correction, sharpness, filters and resolution

Materials Needed: Digital Camera (DSLR only)

LECTURER: Wandiswa Mesatywa

COST: R1 440.00

DURATION: 4 Lesson: 12 hours

TIME:  Saturday morning's 10:00am - 13:00pm



4th February - 25th February

4th March - 25th March

1st April - 29th April (excl 15th April)

6th May  - 27th May

Illustration Beginners and Intermediate

Illustration Module 2:  Drawing and Basic Illustration                                                                  

This course will introduce a broad exposure to the basic elements of drawing and painting for illustration. For the beginner, the course will cover important elements that are fundamental in drawing for illustration using materials such as pencil, charcoal and fineliner and greyscale black and white washes using brushwork, which will be taken into basic painting exercises such as water colour and acrylic.

Course objectives: The aim of the course is to create a relaxed, fun environment: learning new skills is the goal.

Materials required:

Pencils; B, 2B, 4B; Black Fineliner (0,5 or 0,7); Artline 750 permanent marker; Drawing pad; Watercolor pad; Acrylics or watercolour paint; ( if needed other materials will be discussed in class)

Session 1:  Illustrations with words

Session 2 :  Graffiti project

Session 3 & 4:  Fantasy figure

Session 5 & 6:   Comic Illustration

Session 7 & 8:   Caricature

Session 9 & 10:  Self motivated project

LECTURER: Mernette Swartz

COST: R1 800.00

DURATION: 10 Lessons: 30 Hours

TIME: Tuesday Evening 6:00pm - 09:00pm


DATES 2017:  

9th May - 11th July

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