Outreach Community Skills Program

  • Outreach Learners 2015
    A Good day making Autographic positives

  • Outreach Learners 2016
    Outreach Learners 2016

  • Outreach Learners 2016
    Printing Linocuts

  • Outreach Learners 2014
    With Products for the Name of the Rose Exhibition

  • Outreach Learners 2014
    Learning to screenprint

The Outreach Community Skills Program teaches unemployed adults from previously disadvantaged communities design and craft skills and to create marketable products and generate an income.

 The class  starts Saturday the 19th January at 10:00am!

If you would like to join please contact Helga on 021 447 2492

When I came here, I was unhappy, inside and outside. The facilitator told me I must throw the anger away and replace it with love. From that day on I felt relieved. I was sick, now I am fine, I am peaceful. You can see when you look at me. I was not like that when I came here. I love this and I love all of them, they are like my mother and my sisters, ...

- (Participant 4: 27 September 2011)

A unique aspect of the School is the Outreach Community Skills Program, which teaches adults from previously disadvantaged communities to develop design and craft skills, which in turn enables them to create marketable products and generate an income. The Program is dependent on the kind generosity of our donors.

Tuition, materials and transport are provided pro bono to learners.

The Outreach Community Skills Program very positively integrates students from diverse communities, thus establishing commonalities and promoting understanding and interaction.

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Day: Saturday Time: 9:30 am - 1.30pm

Day: Monday Time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

MODULE 1 Drawing and Design
MODULE 2 Application of Designs and Production
MODULE 3 Needlecraft
MODULE 4 Basic Business Practice, Marketing and Art and Craft Market


You must commit to all four modules. If you would like to join please contact Helga on 021 447 2492.

Or download application form here





Primary: 'Roodebloem Estate', top of Birkdale Ave, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Project description

The Outreach Skills Programme is a collaborative program between various art and cultural institutions within Cape Town that aim to provide learners with design and craft skills which will enable them to create marketable products and enable them to teach other learners from their own communities. This falls within the educational, self-employment, tourism and development arena. It is believed that with a partnership approach in these fields of development, long- term sustainability of training can be achieved. The learners enter a modular year program of learning in design and craft skills that will enable them to join other craft projects in their own communities, or set up their own small micro businesses. The benefit is one of real commitment versus one-off projects.

Objectives and goals

The Ruth Prowse Outreach Skills Program aims to accomplish the following: A thorough practical body of knowledge with an applicable theoretical component. The course will enable students not only to share this knowledge with other learners in the community but also to generate an income for the unemployed and thus utilise the course to its full advantage. In addition, creativity and aesthetics are stimulated with valuable life skills. The Outreach Program is a course that has been devised, maintained, promoted and organised solely by the concerned members of staff with financial assistance from the School and donor organizations.

Stakeholders and partners

The school has received financial support from the National Lottery and the WCCC. 

In the past, the Ruth Prowse Outreach Program linked up with the Community Arts Project (C.A.P.), Siyazinceda Producer Forum, Nicro Business Service Centre and Montebello Design Centre, Nolukkanyo Women's Leadership Training Centre.

In 2016, the  Outreach Skills Programme collaborated with SASSI from the WWF to create a range of products around imagery based on fish from the red data endangered list.

Program time-frames

The primary program runs every Saturday and Monday and the secondary program as required by specific projects.


To provide learners with basic skills to utilise art and craft tools.
To provide learners with colour orientation.
To provide learners with design skills.
To provide learners with necessary life skills.
To provide learners with the ability to add value to acquired skills.
To provide learners with related skills with the object of furthering tertiary education.
To provide learners with a life sustaining career.

The Outreach Department functions within the framework of the full-time academic program, thus enabling a symbiotic relationship with the outcome of an interactive exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise. The acquisition of knowledge and skills and the dissemination of this body of knowledge further into the community cannot be quantified but the practical pieces of work are tangible evidence of excellence and written letters of thanks by learners reveal the success of the program.


Module 1         Colour and Fabric

Design and hand-painting on fabric

Module 2         Paper Craft

Paper-making; Paper products; Stencilling and paper stencil-screenprinting on paper

Module 3         Needlecraft

Screenprinting on fabric; Hand sewing and machine sewing; Production of decor and wearable items

Module 4         Application to marketable products and production and business skills of Module 1 to 3

Quality versus quantity
Work ethics
Business practise
Public liaison

The co-ordinators of interested relevant groups approach the Outreach Program co-ordinator to schedule a program. Tuition, transport, subsistence and material costs are covered by the Outreach Skills Program of the School.

Training and skills development

The tuition through structured is informal. After a thorough briefing and practical demonstration, students create their own projects. Practical and theoretical knowledge is accumulative and each new project builds on the successful completion of the previous project or facet of the project. In addition to the course presenter the learner has access to a lecturer support, which is able to converse in the students home language for additional information clarity.

Sustainability and development

We are in the process of creating marketable products in a quantity that supports placement at various commercial outlets and students are paid a commission. In addition, students are provided with products to market in their home communities and thus generate a commission based income as well. The Board of Trustees is committed to the program and resources are found to support the program' needs. The Outreach Program fulfils one of the mandated requests of the bequest by the late Ruth Prowse that the venue be an art and creative centre for the wider community in addition to offering a full-time academic program. Thus in addition to a part-time extra curricular program the Outreach is integral to the diversity of creative and skill development at the School.

Marketing and communication

There is extensive networking and community leaders of various projects are invited to identify prospective students and place advertising on community notice boards. Outreach products feature as part of the exhibits for sale at the Annual Ruth Prowse Student and Staff Exhibition.

Monitoring and evaluation

Registers of attendance are kept and assessment of work is ongoing during the course. There is ongoing feedback. The outreach program is a practical real life application of the knowledge and skills by the course presenter, Eunice Geustyn, Bellina Molaoa and Ntlusindiso Quwe.

Assessment and project risks

Poverty, winter related ill-health, HIV and AIDS and reliance on public transport negatively impact on class attendance and program completion by all students. We attempt to address the real negative issues by providing transport funds and ensure the provision of teas and lunches. We also (actively through networking) attempt to secure employment for our students and sources of income.