Fine Art

A diverse practical and theoretical course to provide students with the skills to enter the visual arts industry.

This nurturing and diversely creative environment offered guidance toward my own voice, help with decoding its message and left me with the determination to share it with the world.

- Igshaan Adams

Course Content

1st Year

Painting and Mixed Media (Major)- 36 credits NQF 5
Drawing- 30 credits NQF 5
Printmaking- 12 credits NQF 5
Illustration- 12 credits NQF 5
Photography- 12 credits NQF 5
History of Art - 18 credits NQF 6

2nd Year

Practical major (Major)- 57 credits NQF 6
Printmaking or Photography or Illustration (Second Major)- 24 credits NQF6
Drawing- 18 credits NQF6
History of Cultural Studies - 18 credits NQF7
Professional Practice- 3 credits NQF6

3rd Year

Practical Major ( Elective Body of Work)- 63 credits NQF6
Drawing- 6 credits NQF6
Creative Industry Skills- 9 credits NQF6
Extended Essay- 36 credits NQF7
Professional Practice- 6 credits NQF7

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SAQA Qualification ID No. 49864

The Fine Art Course at the Ruth Prowse School of Art NPC offers hands-on tuition that facilitates the development of practical skills and visual literacy, accompanied by theoretical and self inquiry.  The Fine artist plays an important role in society by expressing observations of social norms, value systems and cultural practices. We celebrate creative authenticity and encourage the development of the student's art world identity through projects that develop practical skills, while simultaneously developing the student's ability to express their observations and perspectives through visual language and a range of media. Students are exposed to traditional methodologies which are then challenged through experimentation that push the boundaries of drawing, painting, mixed media, illustration, printmaking, photography and installation in keeping with contemporary practice.

The Fine Art course, from first year through third year offers students the opportunity to develop and hone the skills needed to pursue further specialised study in one of a range of career options such as professional studio practice, illustration, informal education, art restoration, and gallery or community art project management.  Emphasis is laid on the initial acquisition practical skills that will lay the foundation for the development of a personal visual vocabulary. This visual vocabulary allows for the expression of subjective interpretation and individualized concerns. The course begins with the comprehensive foundation that is intended to provide the student with a wide and intensive exposure to a range of painting, drawing, illustration, photography and print making skills.  The Fine Art course is refined and consolidated in the second year of study with more areas of specialization and provides the student with increasing opportunity to discover their own visual voice, areas of speciality that they really enjoy, and to hone intellectual and practical skills.  The course culminates in the individual specialization at third year with the production of a student-orientated professional body of work with a related extended essay.

The course is presented by a dynamic team of lecturers and guest lecturers who are practising artists in their respective fields. Information imparted to students is relevant and related to both classical and contemporary art practice to ensure that students benefit from a comprehensive body of knowledge. The staff are united in the common goal of educational excellence within the framework of a nurturing atmosphere and are committed to helping students realise their full potential.

 All courses are offered subject to sufficient demand.

Application forms

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Course fees

FEES 2017

The academic fees for 2017 are R 47 730 for local and SADC students. The Registration Fee is R 9 000. The Registration fee is included in the total fee.

Students from SADC countries pay the same fees as local South African nationals but are responsible for the transaction fees of any forex. Students are liable for any bank fees for cash deposits. There are no application fees.

The projected total fees for 2017 are R 52 503 for Foreign students and are responsible for the transaction fees of any forex. The Registration Fee is R 9 000. The Registration fee is included in the total fee. First Year Foreign students are required to settle 50% of their fees upon acceptance of an academic space prior to the VISA application.

All foreign students are required to pay the 50% of their fees prior to documents being generated for a Study Visa. If the student is not granted a VISA, the fees less the Registration Fee may be refunded.


Student Fees may be paid in cash, by credit card, a direct bank deposit or by way of Internet transfer. Please note that students are liable for any bank fees for cash deposits to the school's account. A copy of payment of fees must be faxed or e-mailed as proof of payment with clear identification of the student name. Student Fees are required to be settled in full by the 30 May annually.


Students can apply for extended payment plans whereby fees are to be settled in equal monthly instalments from January to November (11 Months) at no interest can be applied for in writing to the Board of Directors at the beginning of each academic year. Applications for extended settlement will not be considered after the 30th January annually.

R 9000 for Registration by 01 February 2017  and  10 payments of R 3 873from the end of February to the end of November 2017


Discounts will be allocated for the full settlement of fees by direct transferas reflected in the school's account or cash received by the administration office. A discount of 10% at Registration by 01 February 2017and a discount of 5% by 28 February 2017 for payments via EFT





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